Thesis For Invisible Man Essay

Topic #1
Several times in Invisible Man, a character states that another character is crazy. Pick two examples of this, and describe what is happening. What do these moments have in common, and why does one character say that the other is crazy?

I. Thesis Statement: In several scenes of Invisible Man, a character states that another character is crazy; each character seems to have a specific reason for saying this.

II. The scene at the narrator’s grandfather’s deathbed
A. The dying man is thought to be crazy
B. The children are rushed away
C. The narrator hears his grandfather’s words
D. The advice turns out to make a lot of sense

III. “The vet” tends to Mr. Norton at the Golden Day
A. Mr. Norton asks about the vet’s history
B. The vet comments on Mr. Norton and the narrator
C. Mr. Norton says the vet is crazy
D. The vet doesn’t sound crazy, but is in an insane asylum

IV. The narrator says that Ras the Exhorter is crazy
A. The narrator and Tod Clifton are fighting with Ras
B. Ras is disappointed with...

Invisible Man Outline 1) Introduction (Thesis) a) Narrator struggles to find his Identity in the Novel a.i) “I am and Invisible man” b) Ellison takes the narrator through a quest for his name c) In his quest his struggle grows d) The novel explains how one can know their identity through their actions d.i)The main character chases his Identity and through the characters he meets throughout the novel he realizes that identity cannot be achieved. 2) Ellison’s view on identity a) Ellison’s view on identity is seen through the novel a.i) By giving the names to the characters to their overall moral traits he shows the reader why people are who they are (a.i.1) The narrator in the novel however does not know who he is (a.i.1.a) No name a.ii) In his essay he explains how ones name is merely never chosen by themselves (a.ii.1) That names are simply by what our parents want us to be (a.ii.1.a) (Paragraph 10 and 11) “Instead” (a.ii.1.b) Ellison explains how his father possibly predicted his career in writing and how his name may have started it. b) Ellison does not use this view on identity, however the characters’ identities in his novel were attributed through their moral being, personality, and their beliefs. 3) Ellison’s characters and how they contribute to the narrators quest a) In the narrators quest for identity he meets other characters a.i) Ellison portrays them as people who have already found their name but have only found it because it is what the white man has given it to them (a.i.1) The Narrator (a.i.1.a) The narrator is the main character and Ellison does not give him a

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