Reference Video In Essay Citing

Movie Reference Pattern:

Producer, & Director. (date). Title [format]. Country of origin: studio.

YouTube or Internet Video Reference Pattern:

Creator/author [screen name if used]. (date). Title [video file]. Retrieved from URL.

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Sample References:

Brown, A. (2013, February 9). Florence Nightingale: Iron

maiden [video file]. Retrieved from

Stanton, A. & Unkrich, L. (Directors). (2003). Finding Nemo [Motion

picture]. United States: Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation.

TexasGirly1979. (2013, August 5). Cat wearing a shark costume

cleans the kitchen on a Roomba [video file]. Retrieved from



Sample Citations that Match the Above References:

Bruce, the shark, states that he is "a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine" (Stanton & Unkrich, 2003).

Brown (2013) includes an interview with Jehanne Wake, a biographer of Florence Nightingale, who states that Nightingale's family were progressive liberals and even radicals.


  • Note: unlike direct quotations from books, articles, and web pages, movies do not have page or paragraph numbers you can include.

  • Note: you do not need to keep track of minutes or tracks.


  1. Login to your NoodleBib account.
  2. Create a project or use a pre-existing project.
  3. Click on References.
  4. Choose one of the following (as appropriate) from the Select a Citation type dropdown menu:
    1. Film or Video Recording (Movie, DVD, etc.)
    2. Video Clip (Online) 
    3. Video Podcast
    4. Television Program
  5. Click on Create Citation.
  6. Answer the questions about your video or movie...:
    1. You will be asked for a variety of information including things like producer and director. You will also be able to indicate the format of the film or recording: DVD, VHS, YouTube, etc.
  7.  Click on Submit when you are done.







Also see out APA Citation online guide for further examples, guides and videos.


For the APA Obsessed:

In the Publication Manual (6th edition) you will see this:

Example 77 (p 215): YouTube video title NOT italicized.

Example 49 (p 209): Video title italicized.


Rationale, quoted from the APA blog linked to above:

“Here's the reason for the difference: The example...on page 215 of the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological provided as an example of a "Video blog post." If a post, written or video, is part of a blog, it is one part of a larger, overarching work. This means that, like the title of an article in a journal or the title of a chapter in a book, the post's title is not italicized in the reference. A stand-alone YouTube video is more like a video or movie that happens to be online. Thus, Example 49 for a video reference on page 209 of the Publication Manual is the basis for the italics.”

We think both of the YouTube videos we included are stand-alones, thus we italicized.

What should be included:

In-text citation should containthe author (if known) OR title and date of production.  Also, when referencing a quote or comment from a film, video, DVD, YouTube and television program, refer to the person by name within your paper and give the title and year of broadcast either in parentheses or as part of your sentence.

....the famous architect, Frank Gehry, commented … (The 7.30 Report 2011).

The Reference list should contain the author (if known), title, date of recording, format, publisher and place of recording. Any special credits and other information that might be useful can be noted after the citation.

For further information refer to Snooks p. 229 & 231 at 808.027 S938)


(Chains = Cantene/Titanus 2011)

Reference list:
Chains = Cantene/Titanus 2011, motion picture, British Film Institute, London.


(Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky 2010)

Reference list:
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky 2010, video recording, Madman Entertainment, Australia. Directed by Jan Kounen.


(About Jenny Holzer 2011) or portrayed in About Jenny Holzer(2011)

Reference list:
About Jenny Holzer 2011, dvd, Microcinema International, San Francisco, California.



            …ever-present question about art is how it impacts on us (Gough 2017).

             In the video What makes art good or bad? by RMIT professor Paul Gough (2017) the question is explored….

Reference list:

Gough, P 2017, What makes art good or bad?, video recording, YouTube, viewed 17 July 2017, 

Note: Use pointed brackets around <URL> with full-stop after bracket.

Streaming video


    …documentaries like (Robert Rauschenberg 1997) provide good example of fusing real art and life

       Reference list:

      Robert Rauschenberg: man at work 1997streaming video, Arthaus Musik, viewed 13 September 2016, Kanopy database.

Television program

(Art + soul : a journey into the world of aboriginal art 2010)

Reference list:
Art + soul : a journey into the world of aboriginal art 2010, television program, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sydney, 4 October.

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