Bgcse History Coursework 2016 Nfl


Topic: Migration to The Bahamas
Question 1
A) Study Source A. ‘What different countries did migrants to The Bahamas come from after the time of Columbus?
[7 marks]

B) Study Source B. Why did people immigrate to The Bahamas during the late 19th and 20th centuries?
[8 marks]

Question 2

Study Sources C and D. Explain the impact migrants had on the social and economical development of The Bahamas in the 20th century. [15 marks]

Question 3
Study Sources E-G. You are a Bahamian who witnessed migrants settling in The Bahamas. Write an account of the challenges and problems they faced. [15 marks]

Question 4

Study ALL the Sources. ’All immigrants who settled in The Bahamas have contributed significantly to the development of the country’. Do these sources prove this view to be true? Explain your answer fully. [15 marks]

Source A
Smaller in numbers, from cultures that were either more adaptive or less obtrusive, the Lebanese, Jews, and Chinese experienced at least as much opposition as the Greeks once they seemed to challenge the dominance of Bay Street or the aspirations of non-white would-be traders and craftsmen. Lebanese first came to The Bahamas at much the same time as the Greeks as part of the Diaspora that saw as many as a million people escape from Turkish misrule in Syria. Many of the British West Indians employed at that time stayed and settled in Nassau, including some persons as Clement T. Maynard, a Barbadian with experiences in France, Brazil, Panama, and Cuba and Lionel Leach a Trinidadian.

Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People Volume Two From the Endings of Slavery to the Twenty-first century, Michael Craton & Gail Saunders

Source B
Migration has become deeply embedded in the psyche of Caribbean peoples over the past century and a half. It has evolved as the main avenue for upward mobility through the accumulation of capital - financial and social. Thus the propensity for migration is high and there is a general responsiveness to the opportunities for moving whenever they occur. At times these opportunities have come from within the region itself or the wider Caribbean region, as in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century; in more recent times from North America and Europe.

Dr. Elizabeth Thompson –Hope, Professor of Environmental Management University of the West Indies.

Source C
Chinese-Bahamians have a long history, dating back to at least 1879. The original Chinese immigrants came from Cuba - explaining why Hispanic surnames are not uncommon - and got their start in the restaurant, laundry, and cleaning industries. Originally known to Bahamians as ‘Celestials,” the Chinese quickly established themselves as hard-working members of Bahamian society. By the 1920s, they were major business figures. Additional immigration came later from Chinese communities in the U.S. and from Hong Kong.

Chinese in the Caribbean The Genie Projects

Source D
In 1936 there came three New Englanders, the Erickson brothers. They had come to revive the old salt industry, and soon an industrial hum dispelled the quiet of Matthew Town. Mechanized tractors, diesel-powered pumps and giant lorries were imported to do the work which had once been done by hand rakes, windmills and mule-drawn trams.

The Story of The Bahamas, Dr. Paul Albury

Source E
In 1965 the Bahamian government realized the usefulness of Haitian manpower for an expanding economy. Then government was exposed to the pressure of a multitude of Bahamian and foreign employers continuously vexed by the deportation of their Haitian workforce. Besides, at this time, business in the Bahamas took a turn for the better and more than 70% of the immigrants managed to avoid trouble. Then the immigration office decided to grant a sort of amnesty of six months during which it would issue work permits to all illegal Haitian immigrants who could find a sponsor. This policy of a half-opened door had the result of regularizing the status of 5,000 Haitians in 1965.

Sources of Bahamian History, Philip Cash, Shirley Gordon & Gail Saunders

Source F
This dire situation is further complicated and rendered even more difficult when one takes into account the fact that an invasion of a different sort has been, and is taking place, across our southern boundaries. You should know that more than 10% of our population is a result of illegal immigration.

The Vision of Sir Lynden Pindling : In His Own Words.

Source G
On May 1968 there was an unsuccessful bombing attack on the Palace in Port-au-Prince. Three of the rebels involved in the attack were said to be connected with the yacht Yorel 11 which sank at the entrance of the Lucayan Marina after landing two Haitians in Grand Bahama for ‘unknown purposes’. Two days after the bombing a deserted air strip and camp were discovered in North Abaco. Bahamian government officials stressed that it was unlikely that the camp had been used for the invasion attempt on the 20th.

The Haitian Problem: Illegal Migration to The Bahamas, Dawn Marshall

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