Ousl Bms Level 3 Assignments

In our rapidly changing socio-economic environment there is a growing demand for trained personnel in the management of business and other managerial fields. Conceptually equipped, trained managers are increasingly in demand. The concerted national and international thrusts towards demand-driven economic activities generate pressure for developing relevant human resources for the conduct of complex business management in local/foreign trade and commerce. However, due to a lack of adequate institutional arrangements and economic hardships, a large number of persons, particularly in the outlying districts continue to miss opportunities for gaining education in management, especially at the degree level. There is also the need to cater to those in employments and to those who wish to further their education in management studies. The primary purpose of introducing the DIM/BMS degree programme is to meet these felt needs of the country. Upgrading knowledge and skills in management is likely to improve the efficiency of performance of businesses and other organizations thus contributing to higher national productivity.

Management Theory & Practice, Marketing, Social Psychology in Organization, Microeconomics, Financial and Cost Accounting, Quantitative Techniques for Management, Legal Environment in Business, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Macro Economics, Money and Capital Markets, Computer and Information Systems in Business, Project Appraisal, Research Methodology, Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Financial Management & Managerial Accounting, Quantitative Techniques for Management II, Strategic Management, Operations Research, New Dimensions in Management, Research Project.

CERC Projects Department /Division
Studio Recording on "Zigo Family Game Show 2013"CETMe
Studio Recording on "Jathika Pasala"CETMe
Studio Recording on "Uncle Don & Punchi Cook"CETMe
Studio Recording on "Quis - T20"CETMe
Studio Recording on "IT Master Mind - 2013"CETMe
"Induction Training Programme for Senior Lectures"Staff Development Centre
Proposed budget for Short course on Human Rsource ManagementKandy Regional Centre
Short Course in Professional Computer Application to the State Pharmaceuticals CorporationMaths & Computer Science
Short Course in Listening and SpeechAmbalangoda Study Centre
Workshops on "Supporting Pre-school Children with special education needs" - Sinhala MediumSpecial Need Education
Workshops on "Autism" - Sinhala MediumSpecial Need Education
Certificates in Dynamic Web Designing programmeGalle Study Centre
Conducting practical classes in Electrical mesurementsElectrical & Comp. Eng.
Conducting Laboratory Practical in Strength of Materials and Engineering MaterialsMechanical Engineering
Professional Certificate in AutoCAD Drafting and ModellingKandy Regional Centre
Printing of Degree Certificates - Vocational Training AuthorityPrinting Press
Printing of Degree Certificates -University of RuhunaPrinting Press
Short Course on "Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities - English/Sinhala/Tamil MediumsSpecial Need Education
Conducting Laboratory Practicals in Workshop PracticeMechanical Engineering
Short Course for Computer NetworkingAmbalangoda Study Centre
Final Budget of Certificate Course in Computerized Accounting PackagesNODES Centre
Consultancy Services to Brandix GroupTextile and Apparel Tech.
Commencement of Certificate Programme in Applied Electronics 2012/13-Dept. of PhysicsPhysics
Final Budget for Certificate in Professional Computer Applications CPCA – 2012/13- Batch 3Maths & Computer Science
Short Course on Korean LanguageLanguage Studies
Certificate in Tourism & Hotel Operations CoursesSocial Studies
Short Professional Training Program (SPTP)Carrere Guidance
Short Course on HRM – Bandarawela Study CentreBandarawela Study Centre
Budget for Certificate in Computer Networks & Security (CCNS)Maths & Computer Science
Short Course in Mobile Application Development for the Android PlatformElectrical & Computer Engineering
Short Course in Python LanguageElectrical & Computer Engineering
Short Course in Modern Industrial Pneumatics - Beginners LevelMechanical Engineering
Final Budget of Short Course in Listening & Speech ProgrammeRathnapura Study Centre
Budget for 2013-14 M.Sc. In Sustainable Energy Engineering (Worldwide) ProgrammeMechanical Engineering
Printing of Continuous Answer PapersPrinting Press
Final Budget for the workshop on "Implementation of Fully Integrated library management system using KOHA software"Staff Development Centre
Short course in Professional Computer Applications to the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri LankaMathematics & Computer Science, N.Sc.
Vehicle Performance Testing DFSK TruckMechanical Engineering
Certificate Course of Home Based Elderly Care"Health Sciences
Printing of Proceedings of Annual Sessions / Sri Lanka Association for Artificial IntelligenceUniversity Printing Press
Printing of Strategic Management Plan of Sri Lanka 2012 - 2015 of Ministry of Higher EducationUniversity Printing Press
Finalized Budget of the Short Course in Spoken EnglishJaffna Regional Centre
Final Budget of the EKSP - Short Professional Training Programme - 2013Career Guidance Unit
Conducting laboratory practicals in textile fibres, fabrics structure analysis and woven fabrics manufacturing.Dept. of Textile & Apparel Technology
Hiring a Resistivity Meter for National ServiceDept. of Physics

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