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William Shakespeare:  William Shakespeare is sometimes considered the
greatest playwright of all time. What is it that made Shakespeare so famous? In
his plays he combined the elements that people of his time loved and that people
still like today. Many things greatly influenced the writing of Shakespeare"s

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is sometimes considered the greatest playwright of all
time. What is it that made Shakespeare so famous? In his plays he combined the
elements that people of his time loved and that people still like today. Many
things greatly influenced the writing of Shakespeare"s plays.

William Shakespeare had a very interesting life that undoubtedly greatly
affected his plays. He was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and was
the third of eight children. Shakespeare went to grammar school and learned
Latin and literature. He went on and married a woman named Annie Hathaway on
November 27, 1582 and had three children. His first daughter was named Susanna
and was born on May 26, 1583 and then, two years later, he had twins-Hamnet and
Judith-that were born on February 2, 1585. By 1592, Shakespeare was a well-known
popular actor in the Elizabethan theatres. Without a doubt, this probably had a
great affect on him when he later on became a playwright. Shakespeare retired
completely in 1613. On April 23, 1616, three years after his retirement, and on
his fifty-second birthday, William Shakespeare died.

Shakespeare gathered ideas for some of his plays from other popular writers
of his time. Although this may not have made for one hundred percent
originality, his plays were interesting and became very popular. For The Winter"s
Tale, Shakespeare got the names for some of his characters from Sir Phillip
Sidney"s Arcadia. This was one of the most popular romances appealing to a
courtly audience. People of Shakespeare"s time enjoyed romances set in far
away lands, which was one of the reasons why people enjoyed Sir Phillip Sidney"s
Arcadia so much. Such stories like, Guy of Warwick, Bevis of Hampton, Amadis of
Gaul, Plamerin of England, and many others may have also inspired The Winter"s
Tale. Shakespeare was very smart to have taken ideas from other popular plays of
the time when writing The Winter"s Tale. Shakespeare used a very popular
technique of the time called pastoral romance. Pastoral romance is romance that
is not true to life and unreal. By using ideas from other popular plays and
using the popular writing technique of pastoral romance, Shakespeare"s The
Winter"s Tale, as many of his other plays, were sure to captivate the

Theatre in the sixteenth century was extremely different from theatre today.
For one thing, there was no curtain like there is today. This made it more
difficult to perform and sometimes playwrights had to add special scenes to
clear everyone from the stage to signify the ending of a scene or act and the
beginning of a new one. Also, the place on the main floor right in front of the
stage (called the pit but now called the orchestra) was the place where the poor
people stood to watch the show and it was the worst place to watch from.
However, in modern theatres, orchestra seats are the most expensive and the best
seats. Another big difference was that there were very few props whereas today
there are many. The kind of props one would"ve found may have included a
curtained area that could"ve been used as an inside room, etc., a balcony that
could"ve been used as a window or as the deck of a ship, and a trap door that
could've provided a way for ghosts and such to come onto the stage. These may
seem like very simple and primitive things and when compared to what theatres
have today, but in Elizabethan times those simple things helped for many of the
elements in the plays. One other big difference was that there were no female
actors like there are today, therefore a woman"s part had to be played by a
young man who still had a high voice. Theatres have come a long way since the
sixteenth century and there are many more differences between the theatres of
the sixteenth century and the present day theatres.

In conclusion, many things influenced the writing of Shakespeare"s plays,
including The Winter"s Tale. Without Sir Phillip Sidney"s Arcadia and other
plays of the time, Shakespeare"s acting career and the theatres of the
sixteenth century; Shakespeare"s writing would not have been the same. William
Shakespeare is sometimes considered the greatest playwright of all time and may
not have been without the many things that influenced his writing



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Many students will have to write Shakespeare essays and term papers, especially students in English courses.  They are common academic assignments for all levels of study, including high school, undergraduate, and even graduate school.  In order to complete an effective Shakespeare term paper, students need to be sure that they understand the nature and requirements of the specific assignment.  

A term paper is a formal academic writing assignment that may be assigned by a professor for any course at any grade level.  Term paper assignments require learners to research one particular topic in-depth and then provide an objective account of their findings in a lengthy document.  Generally, learners will need to submit a term paper at the end of a semester, or term.  However, they need to research and write term paper drafts throughout the semester.  

Students will quickly realize that there are many topics that they can potentially cover.  Professors will often assign a specific topic.  However, if students are allowed to select their own topics, they should choose one that truly interests them.  
If a student has a difficult time finding/choosing a topic, he/she may wish to review course notes and documents for ideas.  Students may also want to speak with their professors for guidance.  Not all Shakespeare term papers require learners to write about the icon's famous plays.  Some may focus on his life, environment, era, criticism, historical events that may have influenced him, etc.  

Students should adhere to the same guidelines that they would use for any other type of term paper in the humanities.  First, they must research the topic.  Next, they should develop a comprehensive term paper outline.  Finally, they should write, revise, edit, and rewrite their document until they're pleased with the final draft.  

Shakespeare Research Papers

A Shakespeare research paper is a normal and expected requirement for students in many English classes and courses.  Also known as "The Bard," he was a great English writer of plays and sonnets.  Many teachers use his works to demonstrate how a good play is produced, how to write poetry, and how to understand old English.

Students may have to write research papers on the famous playwright for their high school courses or undergraduate courses.  Generally, only graduate students studying English will have to work on dissertations.  There are a variety of different topics about which a student could possibly write, depending on both the student and the professor.  One popular project that high school students often have to write is a literary report or essay regarding a single play.  Many high school teachers believe the famous wordsmith's works may be too complicated for many learners to understand in depth, so they may not have their students review and compare multiple works.  However, undergraduate professors often have their students compare multiple works.  

In addition to comparing and reviewing his works, other popular "Bard" research paper topics might require learners to study the environment in which the man wrote.  At the time, he and his family were persecuted by the Church of England for being Catholic.  Many of his plays are said to incorporate events from his own life, including this religious persecution.  As another example, the death of his brother is said to be referenced in Othello.  Therefore, many learners may have to research the Bard's life and compare actual events to how he wrote about them in his plays.  

Before a student even begins working, he/she needs to be familiar with the famous play(s) and/or sonnet(s) that will be referenced.  Students will need to think critically about the work and may have to consult other resources for information, especially if the student is trying to gain a more comprehensive perspective.  Once the student has completed research, he/she can draft an outline of the report and then the first draft.  

A Shakespeare research paper will be different from a literature review on his plays, even though there may be some similarities.  A literature review provides an in-depth analysis of the icon's plays and/or sonnets, but also requires knowledge of the writer and of his place in the society in which he lived.  A research paper may not require such analysis, but strictly data and statements of fact.

Romeo and Juliet Essays

Many students will need to complete a Romeo and Juliet essay at some point during their academic careers.  This particular play is often assigned to students in high school-level English classes.  However, students in undergraduate college and graduate school courses may also need to review the play.  In most cases, when students need to read the play, they will also need to write Romeo and Juliet essays in order to put their thoughts on paper.

There are many different reasons why students may need to write Romeo and Juliet essays.  In some cases, teachers will simply want to know that students have actually read the play, which they can find out through reading the students' essays.  Other professors may want students to examine certain elements of the play and have learners complete a Romeo and Juliet essay about those elements.  

Students should begin to work on their Romeo and Juliet essays by first reading the play.  If students find that they need more information in order to understand the play or certain elements within the play, they may wish to read reviews of the play, criticisms of the play, summaries, other reports, and more.  Students may also wish to read more about the famous playwright in order to gain insight into the environment in which he wrote the play.  

While there are a variety of different topics about which students may need to complete a Romeo and Juliet essay, learners should always perform due diligence with their research.  Research for Romeo and Juliet essays isn't always limited to merely reading the play.  In many cases, learners will need to research supporting materials, as well.  

After performing a suitable amount of research into a particular topic about which a learner will write his/her Romeo and Juliet essay, the student can begin to outline the document.  The outline will serve as a road map for the actual essay writing itself.  

Students should be aware that they will most likely need to write several drafts of their Romeo and Juliet essays before they write the final draft.  Therefore, they need to allot plenty of time for these multiple revisions.  

Students also need to know that a Romeo and Juliet essay isn't the same as any other type of Shakespeare paper.  Therefore, learners shouldn't confuse Romeo and Juliet essays with those on Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, etc.  A Romeo and Juliet essay may, however, incorporate a discussion of similarities between these plays.

Macbeth Essays

AMacbeth essay is based on the classic play that many learners read in high school and college as part of an English course.  The play isn't only popular because it encourages readers to think critically about the role of the conscience, but also because it has many well-respected soliloquies that students can enjoy reading.

There are many topics about which a student can write for his/her Macbeth essays.  In many cases, teachers will have a very clear idea of the topics that they want their students to write about for their Macbeth papers.  In such a situation, a teacher will assign a specific topic to all of the students in the class.  Students' essays will then be compared to other students' essays.  Therefore, it's important to not only have read Macbeth prior to beginning work on the report, but students also need to put forth a great deal of effort to think critically about the information in the play.

In other situations, learners will be allowed to select their own topics for their Macbeth essays, as long as the topic relates to Macbeth in some way.  In such a situation, teachers are looking for an indication that students have not only read Macbeth, but that they also understand critical information about the play well enough to create a thoughtful paper.  

Many students use Macbeth papers that they find online for ideas for their own documents, research into how other students have completed Macbeth essays, and even as drafts for their own Macbeth essays.  When a student makes the decision to use a Macbeth paper that he/she found online, he/she must be careful to analyze the source.  Some Macbeth essays online may have inaccurate information or they may be poorly written.  For that reason, learners should always perform reviews of a Web site before using an essay from it.  

A Macbeth essay is different from a Macbeth book report.  An essay is a literary work that a student creates in order to provide information, insight, and opinion into a particular subject or idea.  A book report provides information about a book (or a play, in this case).  Book reports offer facts and a recap of information contained in the book.  However, essays often include a student's conclusions about information or ideas shared in the work.  Therefore, essays are generally more critical academic works than book reports.

Macbeth Research Papers

Many students will have to complete a Macbeth research paper at some point during their high school and/or college careers.  Macbeth is a popular play that professors assign to enable students to learn more about the writing style and language used by the famous playwright, as well as to help students think critically about some of the ethical topics that are brought up in the play.  

Students may need to complete a Macbeth research paper in any grade level.  Often, students may first be introduced to Macbeth when they're in high school.  For high school students, Macbeth is often one of the first plays that they ever read.  For this reason, many learners have to write about the form of a play when they create their Macbeth research papers.  

For example, students may need to research how characters are developed when an author can use only dialogue.  Students may also have to learn about how dialogue along can move a storyline forward.  By researching techniques that authors use when writing plays, students may be able to think more critically about everyday plays, such as screenplays for movies and television.  In such a case, a Macbeth research paper may help learners to be analytical of messages that they receive through the media.  

Many students also have to create Macbeth research papers so that they can better understand the characters and themes presented in Macbeth.  These characters and themes may be dynamic or static, which are two common discussion topics for a Macbeth project that many professors may ask students to explore.  Students may also be able to explore setting, ethical dilemmas, and more when they create their Macbeth research papers.  

There is an important aspect of a Macbeth project that students should be aware of when they create their documents: a Macbeth research paper isn't the same as a project that a student creates about a related play.  There are very specific differences between the "Old English" language used in each play.  Therefore, the approach to a Macbeth research paper shouldn't necessarily be the same for a Hamlet essay or an Othello dissertation.  Acknowledging the differences is crucial to creating a well-written and researched Macbeth paper.

King Lear Essay Writing Help

AKing Lear essay is one that students may have to write for a literature course.  King Lear is one of many plays that "The Bard" wrote during the sixteenth century.  When it comes time for a learner to complete a King Lear essay, he/she must actually read the play, even though the student may also wish to watch a King Lear movie or read summaries of King Lear.

After a student has received the assignment to complete a King Lear essay, the student needs to begin the assignment by reading the play.  Next, the student can read summaries of the play and consult other sources for further information about King Lear.  The student may even wish to examine the culture in which "The Bard" wrote King Lear in order to gain an understanding of the indulgences that may have led to the creation of the play.  

Whenever a student completes an paper, he/she not only needs to address a particular topic about which he/she must write the assignment, but the learner will also need to present a point-of-view about the literary work.  Therefore, reading the play will not help to create a thorough King Lear essay unless the student also analyzes different factors.  

Students may analyze factors within King Lear, such as character developing, moral issues, settings, themes, and more.  The student should then develop his/her own opinion so that he/she can express his/her point-of-view.  The extra research that a student does when creating King Lear essays can support the point-of-view and help the student to clarify his/her own thoughts.  

All King Lear reports should begin with an outline.  Longer essays will require longer outlines, but all reports should at least have a one-page overview describing what the learner will write about and how the report will flow.  

A King Lear report is different from a book report on King Lear.  King Lear reports should provide perspective and opinions.  However, a book report provides a summary of many of the themes within a book.  Therefore, novel critiques tend to be one-dimensional and factual.  King Lear reports should provide opinions and insight that are merely supported by facts.

Othello Coursework Help

When a student is required to study Othello, he/she will also have to work on Othello coursework that's associated with his/her studies.  Othello is a popular British play that is widely studied in high school and undergraduate programs.  There are a variety of different types of Othello courseworks, including papers, novel critiques, analytical projects, and more.

In addition to the many types of Othello courseworks, there are also a variety of reasons that a student may need to work on Othello coursework.  Students may be required to study the writing style of a famous playwright by reading Othello.  Students also may be required to think critically about important topics that are presented in Othello as part of their Othello courseworks.  For example, an Othello coursework project might require learners to study the role of the conscience in the play.  Students also may be required to study the role of duplicity in the play.  

While Othello coursework may encompass a variety of activities and assignments, there are many references to the play on the Internet.  These references might help learners to perform better in their Othello coursework assignments.  For example, if a student needs to complete a report for Othello coursework, than the student might able to find an example of an Othello book report online that the student can use as a basis for his/her own research or report.  

Regardless of what the Othello coursework assignment is, a student must always keep a few tips in mind.  First, he/she should read the play before beginning to research it.  He/She should also understand key themes in the play, especially themes that may have been discussed in class.  If the student doesn't understand a theme, he/she should ask a professor for clarification.  

It is important to note that while there are many summaries of Othello and there are also many movies that are based on Othello, it's also valuable for students to read the play on their own.  Many professors may even read the play in class with the students and require them to act parts of it out in order to help them understand it.  

Othello coursework may encompass a wide variety of assignments, but Othello courseworks aren't the same as other coursework on the famous wordsmith.  Many students confuse the famous playwright's various plays because they may seem similar.  However, if a student is required to work on an assignment that's related to Othello, the student should be sure that he/she only works on an assignment that's related to the Othello play and not to any other play or sonnet.

Writing Romeo and Juliet Coursework Papers

It is common for teachers to assign a variety of Romeo and Juliet coursework in order to assist their students in becoming comfortable with Shakespearean works.  Romeo and Juliet is one of the most widely read dramas in high school and college English and literature classes.  Frequently, instructors devote several weeks of study to the play because many learners are unfamiliar with Elizabethan drama.  Romeo and Juliet coursework typically includes assignments such as brief written responses to content-related questions, stylistic analyses of the language used in the play, character interpretations of specific figures in the play, and essays on a variety of topics.  Romeo and Juliet coursework will likely be different from other assignments that a student may have completed in the same class because each assignment will require learners to acquire and integrate knowledge of literary devices, drama, Elizabethan culture, and Shakespearean writing style.  To do this effectively will require the student to listen carefully to his/her class lectures and to read supplementary material on the play.  In addition, below are some general tips.

Romeo and Juliet is a play.  Therefore, unlike a novel in which all of the action is described, readers of Romeo and Juliet have to imagine what the play is like on the stage to get a full idea of what the play means.  To do this effectively requires the reader to read not only the characters' lines, but also the stage directions, as they give hints on how to interpret the tone of the characters' dialogue.  

When doing any type of Romeo and Juliet coursework, a student must remember that the play isn't a contemporary work of art, but one from centuries ago.  Therefore, it can't be read and interpreted in the same way as a 21st century novel.  Any complete understanding of Romeo and Juliet will require the reader to learn at least a few facts about Elizabethan culture.  Therefore, any complete execution of Romeo and Juliet coursework of any kind will require the student to incorporate some of that knowledge into his/her assignments.  Students should learn about and consider the slang of the time and any other words that may be unfamiliar to them but would have been familiar to an Elizabethan audience.  They may also benefit from learning a basic historical record of the role of theatre in Elizabethan society, the important political events happening in England around the time of the play's composition, and the Elizabethan attitude towards love, which is the primary topic of the play.  They should also learn about the time of the famous playwright's life in which he was writing the play to determine if there were any particular influences on him that emerged in the drama itself.  

Finally, all Romeo and Juliet courseworks will benefit from a variety of quotations from the play.  Shakespeare was a master wordsmith, and he chose his words carefully.  Any coursework on Romeo and Juliet should therefore be centered in textual analysis.  All quotations should be cited by act, scene, and line number.

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