Early Medieval Europe Essay Topics

33 Best Argumentative Essay Topics About The Middle Ages

If there is any time in history that arouses a unique kind of interest in writing historical essay topics, it is the Middle Ages. There were lots of acts and activities that inspired most of the technological inventions and improvements we are experiencing today. And with the development of various technologies, lots of lives then were changed. So, if you have been asked to write an argumentative essay on this time in history, you would surely not run out of ideas to write about because there are lots of fascinating things to write about as shown below.

  • Joan of Arc – Is she an inspiration to modern women?
  • The Hundred Years War – Are there consequences yet untold
  • The continued use of gunpowder – A reflection of the Middle Ages
  • Modern weaponry and the weaponry from the Middle Ages that is still being used
  • Weapons versus Infantry – Which has had the most effect on warfare in the Middle Ages and now
  • Analyzing the reasons behind the lesser population in Portugal and Poland as compared to France and England
  • Burgundy’s Fall – The factors behind it all
  • The kingdoms of the Middle Ages – A look at how their coffers are increased
  • The rationale behind the rise of London, Milan, and Venice in the Middle Ages
  • The Middle Ages – Why England was the only location the gentry could be found
  • The elderly ones – was there any respect for them in the Middle Ages?
  • The Middle Ages – The hardship surrounding the lower class then
  • What kind of treatment was meted out to criminals in the Middle Ages?
  • Was there a reverence for female saints in the Middle Ages?
  • The several reasons why the crusades would not be missing in the history of the Middle Ages
  • Working class women – What were their options in the Middle Ages?
  • The women of the Middle Ages – How they rose to become leaders
  • The development of chivalry in the Middle Ages – Contributing factors
  • The “childhood” concept – Did it really exist during the Middle Ages?
  • Political thoughts of the Middle Ages – Which are still existing today?
  • The Medici – What roles did they play during the Middle Ages and of what importance?
  • The Middle Ages – Top reasons why you should read stories of the crusades
  • The Middle Ages working class – The best trades options that were open to them
  • The importance of marriage in the Middle Ages
  • The Moors and the Jews – The relationship between them
  • Life in the Middle Ages – What led the urban change then?
  • The Middle Ages – Important historical event that says it all
  • The University of the Middle Ages – Determining its driving force then
  • The Middle Ages – Determining the moment that had the most significant impact on it
  • Witchcraft during the Middle Ages – What was their thought then?
  • The exploration cities and trade routes by Venice and Bari – what impact did it have on other European nations’ future explorations?
  • What was the impact of the fall of Constantinople on Europe and Africa?
  • The Roman empire – In what ways did thriving of Christianity contribute to its downfall?

With these essay topics, you would surely not run out of ideas for your upcoming argumentative essay about the Middle Ages.

19 Good Topics To Investigate In A Dissertation On Medieval History

Medieval history is a big area that needs profound researching. If you write a dissertation in this area, you have plenty of subjects to choose. Yet, choosing a topic for your project, you need to keep in mind several important things.

What Is a Good Dissertation Topic?

A good dissertation topic allows you to perform research in certain areas that require special attention. When choosing a dissertation topic, make sure that it hasn’t yet been explored heavily. There is no worse choice for a research than a topic that has already been studied through and through. That is, you need to pick out an area or an opinion that still sound rather fresh. It’s just great if you can provide a new point of view on certain things. If you cannot create a topic on your own or in a cooperation with your supervisor, search for interesting ideas in libraries or on the Internet. It’s very likely that you will find something interesting or that, at least, you will catch some inspiration.

Below, you can see 19 interesting topics that are dedicated to the medieval history.

  1. The importance of the medieval epoch in the history of the humanity.
  2. The development of the first universities in the medieval Europe.
  3. Religions and traditions of the pre-Columbian American civilizations.
  4. The Jesuits. Truth and tales.
  5. The Utopian thinking as a phenomenon of the medieval philosophy.
  6. The interactions between the religion and science in the medieval Europe.
  7. Modernization of the medieval scholastic intellectual culture with the help of Francis Bacon’s theory.
  8. Jean Calvin’s main ideas and their meaning for the development of the Christian religion.
  9. The peculiarities of the political genesis in African countries to the south of the Sahara desert.
  10. Social and psychological transformations of the medieval Chinese society.
  11. Early medieval Ireland: mythologization of the state power.
  12. Clovis and Theoderic: the peculiarities of development of barbarian kingdoms.
  13. The reflection of the medieval historical thinking in the views of Niccolo Machiavelli.
  14. The religious aspects in the works of Dante Alighieri and John Milton: the evolution of Christianity during the medieval epoch.
  15. Social and psychological characteristics of the medieval epoch in the works of Durer and Bosch.
  16. A medieval Eastern city (the problems of historiography).
  17. Hinduism and castes in the medieval India.
  18. Women in medieval crusades: their role in the success and failure.
  19. Sufism in the medieval epoch: its appearance and development.

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