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An Essay By Lucy Anne // 5/29/2012

An essay I wrote last week. Enjoy and God bless y'all! :)


Everyone in this world, with little or much, has something that makes them happy. There are at least five major things that make me happy and I am going to state them.

First, one thing that makes me happy is discovering a good book. Not one of those “lousy” books that people have written in the last couple decades, but one of those wholesome, clean, and well-written books that people used to write. I’m not saying that all the authors writing in the 21st Century are writing lousy and detestable books—there are quite a large number of excellent authors writing noteworthy books now! But what I am trying to say is this—in my opinion, I think that as this generation and the next generation pass, readers and publishers of what they think are good books have been slowly letting go and letting themselves think that whatever they consider is a good book (in their opinion), is indeed a good book. Thus, instead of seeing dozens of books like ‘The Robe’ by Lloyd C. Douglas and ‘Lucy Winchester’ by Christmas Carol Kauffman lined up against your library’s bookshelves, you see dozens of copies of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ lined up on your library’s bookshelves. And not only that, those types of books are in many peoples' hands too!

Whenever I head to the library in search for an excellent book, almost every time I walk out of the library, I walk out with my hands empty and my spirit dampened. Then I realize that my search for a noteworthy book has come to no avail and all I have found is a single ‘Arthur and D.W.’ book for my little sister to read.

This is what makes me happy—to find a thought-provoking book full of strong biblical values, a well thought-out plot, and of course, a well-written text. And those types of books are like gems and the only way to find a gem is to first plow through all the dirt.

Another thing that makes me happy is reading God’s Word. It strengthens and encourages! Once, it felt like a chore to read it daily, but one day, something changed. From time to time, it would slip from my mind to read it for the day, (and that would be my fault because I had spent that time doing something else) and on those days, I remember that I had realized that something was different about that day. Maybe on that day, nothing inspired me, or I was snappier…I don’t know. But what I do know is that on that day, I could tell that something was missing.

Therefore, that makes me happy—when I can get encouragement and answers from the Bible.

My friends make me happy. They build me up, pray for me, and are true friends to me. While we are not perfect, they still love me and I love them. When one person is broken, the others try to put that other person back together. I remember times when I felt let down, bitter, and depressed. But then my friends tried to console me, gave me advice, but most of all, they prayed for me. And one other time, they even fasted with me. That meant and still means a great deal to me.

So, that also makes me happy—that I am blessed to have a number of true friends that build me up and pray for me.

A fourth thing makes me happy is my family. We are close. Our time at the dinner table is my favorite time of the day.

That is the time when daddy is home, and we can relate all of the day’s happening to him. We laugh a lot too.

My family is very important to me and I don’t know what I would do without mommy or daddy or my sisters. When I was the only child, I used to be extremely lonely. In fact, I was so lonely that I talked to myself and pretended that my friends were there with me replying back to me. Other than my parents, I had no one to talk to, no one to play with, and no one to sleep with… But now, look how much my family has grown—four children in all (including myself)!

Again, that is another thing that makes me happy—my family and the closeness we have together.

The final thing that makes me happy is my garden. It used to be overflowing with weeds and we wouldn’t do much about them. We would just let them grow, overflow, die, and repeat the same cycle year after year.

But now, I have Zinnias, Sunflowers, Hollyhocks, a Strawberry plant, and a few more varieties of other flowers sprouting up. But every gardener knows that if you want to produce some dazzling flowers, you must work hard. Pulling weeds, shooing those pesty little ants that eat up your sunflower plants, watering the plants daily, and getting your skirt muddy are not always fun. But as I watch those plants grow, I know it has been worth it.

Thus, that is last thing that makes me happy –flowers that brighten this world and cheer people up.

When I was given this assignment to write an essay about what makes me happy, my first thought was, “What does make me happy?” Then I had to sit down and think deeply about it. In the end, I chose to write about these five things that make me happy.

I understand that a few people may not be able to think of anything that makes them happy, and I know that for others, it may be extremely easy to name many. I think because I was able to identify five things that make me happy and that there are many more things I can list--it proves that I am extremely blessed by God.

Happiness is the most important feeling that people can feel. one essential standard for living is being able to be happy. Happiness can be found in many different forms. Positive people are happy people. No matter what type of hardships they have to endure, they try to overcome and believe the day they hope. They know what happiness is and try to forget something negative. There are three effects that make me happy which are are having energy, having money and having good health

The first effect of being happy is having energy. There are many ways of having energy. Exercise is one of the ways that can gain energy. Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When I engage in physical activity, I burn calories. As a result of burning calories and lose wight, my body will lean and fit. So this is one of the effects that usually makes me more confidante, improve my self esteem and make me happy. In addition, having energy makes me live longer. For instance, exercise and have energy make my healthy, and less likely to get diseases. So, this is one of the important reasons that makes me happy. Furthermore, Do an actual workout is also one of the effects that makes me happy. For example, physical activities such as ride a bicycle or walk for 30 minutes stimulates that brain that may leave me feeling happier and more relaxed.

The second effect of being happy is having money. Having money allows me to buy what I want and need without thinking of the price. Usually when gets what I want, I feel a great feeling which is a feeling of happiness. As well, when I have money, I can travel anywhere I want at any time I want. Traveling actually refresh my mind, relax me, and makes me blessed and happy. Moreover, when I have money, I will be able to help poor people. Poor people are living in a difficult situation; therefore, I have to support them by money to be satisfy and happy. For example, when I help a poor family for buying them the stuff they need, they will be overwhelmed with happiness. This will makes me feel the same happiness they felt. For theses reasons I think that having money is one of the effects that make me happy.

Last, having good health makes me happy. the most fundamental part of having a happy life is your health. Being healthy allows me to work and make money, and have all of the things I want. On the other hand, when I am not so healthy, I cannot accomplish or achieve my common goals; consequently, I become angry and sad. Also, when my health not allows me from doing things that I want to do, I lose my potential and become a liability to my family members. It becomes a suffering in my whole life. My health is everything because having good health enables me to perform the daily functions of my life and makes me happier. For example, for my normal life it allows me to be able to go to university, and make friendships. Also, good health means being able to hang out with friends, and have fun. Good health allows me to enjoy a happy life.

In conclusion, I have talked about effects of happiness and explained them which are having energy, having money and having good health. I hope we are always happy, convenient, satisfied, pleased. But the fact that the unhappy exists makes the moment of happiness more valuable. So, the attitude we should have is to thank our happiness. So, we have to just think tomorrow and forget the past because we create our own happiness.

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