Avoid Junk Food Eat Healthy Food Essay For Kids

Junk Food

Too much yummy, not good for the tummy!

Pizza, Burger, Chinese, Panipuri, Masala Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Pasta , Noodles, French fries such kind of junk food can attract us. The power of junk food is very high no one can stop herself or himself by eating it. After all, t’s a problem of hunger or Just our tongue wants to taste delicious food. But this too much yummy food is not good for our tummy means it’s not good for our stomach. It may cause health issues. Every kid loves to eat junk food. It’s a common topic which can be given for competition to make the students aware about the disadvantages of the junk food, to avoid them and to making students healthy. We have provided the essay on Junk food which can help the students and kids for essay writing.

What is Junk food?

In view of kid or children Junk food means the tasty food, the food which is consist of butter, cheese, oil, spices and many other things. Junk food makes the mouth watering and then we get attracted towards it. The famous place for junk food in india is “khauli galli” which is best for the pav bhaji, masala dosa, Frankie, sandwiches, pizza, burger, Pasta, Vada Pav etc. One foody person can know about the taste of it and get attracted towards it easily.

But in the view of the parents or doctors junk food is poison for the health. Because junk food contains fats, carbohydrates, etc. which is not good for the health .Junk food sometimes heavy to digest, it is imbalanced diet. Junk food does not contain the proteins and lipids required for nutritious alimentation which is the energetic content.

Junk means it is another way of disapproving it. Junk food becomes the integral part of modern popular culture. By consuming more junk food can affects our digestive system. Sometimes cost of the junk food is cheap but it can increase your hospital bills indirectly.

This food is having the capacity of hypnotizing. Junk food hypnotizes the people in form of the smell of different dishes. Public attract towards it spend lot of money on it. The Junk food is trending in the modern world. But if we over eat the food then we have to face many problems related with the health issues. Our life is more precious thing which we gifted from the god. By the over consumption of this Junk food may cause many diseases and many health issues sometimes it might have to face serious issues. Here are the some of the disadvantages of the Consumption of Junk food.



Consuming too much food may lead to weight gain and hence obesity.1 pound of the body weight is gained by the extra 3500 calories in our diet. It increases the fats on our body which leads obesity. Because of that a person can get tired easily. Obesity makes the people lazy and unhealthy.

Concentration Issues

The consumption of the junk food can cause the memory and the learning problems.  The brain-derived neurotrophic factor is suppressed by the diet which contains high in sugar and fat. This factor is responsible for learning and memory formation. Synapses are responsible for learning and memory which is one of the element of brain. Eating or consuming too many calories can distract the functioning of the synapses or interfere in the healthy production of synapses.


This is one of the dangerous disadvantage of the consuming the Junk food. Pancreas produces the insulin and insulin helps in the transportation of glucose to body. Brain is also produce insulin which helps in the transporting signals through nerve cells and forming memories. Too much consumption of the fatty food and sweets can increase the insulin in our body. This can leads to loss of the memory.


The lot of eating Junk food which is high in sugar and fats changes the chemical activity of the brain. It makes the more dependent on such food. The stress, depression can cause by the withdrawal of the symptoms but you turn back to those foods to comfort and handle these feelings. The lack of the essential nutrient like amino acid tryptophan can cause by the consumption of the too much junk food which results in the depression.

Tooth Decay

The Chances of causing the cavities is from the diet which rich in the sugary sweets. Tooth decay causes because of the enamel which is the protective coating on our teeth starts to break down. By consuming junk food with the high sugar content like soda, cakes, baked goods, candy, can coats our mouth, gums, tongue and teeth with the sugar. This coated sugar attacks the enamel and it is damage our teeth and cavities.

Gastrointestinal Problems

The junk food provides very little dietary fiber. Need of the fiber in our diet to keep bowels moving. If the proportion of the fiber is not in the proper amount then you should have the difficulty in passing stools. Eating junk food in high quantity might cause gastrointestinal problems.

Chronic Illness

If you consume the junk food in the high quantity then you might have to suffer from the diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. The rates of the chronic illness in the children are increasing who regularly ate the junk food. If the proportion of consuming fast food increases then there are chances of the rising high cholesterol and heart disease later in life.


Eating junk food is not a problem but the regular consumption of the junk food can cause the various diseases. Children love the junk food but there should be full stop is needed for everything. Today’s generation is just concerned about the taste but they are not concerned about their health. We want tasty, yummy, delicious food but this food causes the many disadvantages which mentioned earlier. Maintain limit in our diet is the one of best way. Eat balanced diet which is healthy for us. ”Eat Healthy, Be Healthy”.

Junk food is not a healthy food to the health which every kid and children must know because they generally love to eat junk food. Essay on junk food is a common topic given to the school students during essay writing competition in order to make them aware about junk food. Here we have given some easy and simple junk food essay which you can chose according to your need of words limit.

Essay on Junk Food

Junk Food Essay 1 (100 words)

Good health is the necessity of living a healthy life for every one of us which needs to maintain a healthy diet and healthy habits throughout the life. However, the custom of eating junk food in many is increasing day by day and making our future sad and diseased especially our future generations. Parents should be very conscious towards the eating habits of their kids and children because in the childhood they never know and decide their good or bad so it is parents who are fully responsible for the good or bad eating habits among their kids. They should train their kids about eating habits from childhood and make them clear about the differences between healthy and junk foods.

Junk Food Essay 2 (150 words)

Generally, junk foods look so attractive and yummy for the people of every age group. However, it is very true that they are so coarse from inside. What they look from outside never become from inside. Junk foods are never considered healthy to the health, they have been proved unhealthy in all ways. Junk foods are unfit to the health and one who practice to eat junk foods calls so many disorders to his/her health. It may cause heart diseases, cancer, early ageing, high blood pressure, bone problems, diabetes, mental disorders, liver disorders, digestive system problems, constipation, diarrhoea, heart attack, prostate and breast cancer, osteoporosis, and so many health disorders.

According to the research, it is found that puberty is the most sensitive age during which one should practice healthy eating habits because during this age there are many changes occur in the body to prepare one to enter to the adult age group.

Junk Food Essay 3 (200 words)

The term junk food means a food do not good to the body health in anyway. It is less nutritional and harmful to the body systems. Most of junk foods contain high level of saturated fats, sugar, salt and bad cholesterol which are toxin to the health. They become lack of dietary fibers so easily get involve in causing constipation and other digestive disorders. Junk foods have gained so much popularity because of the nice taste and easy to cook. There are many readymade junk foods available in the market packed in the polybags. Most of the people are depend on such readymade foods because of their busy schedule or they do not know to cook food at home.

The consumption of junk food all over the world is increasing day by day which is not good for the future. People of all age groups like to eat junk food and they generally chose to eat whenever they enjoy special time with family like birthday party, marriage anniversary, etc. They easily become used to of taking soft drinks, wafers, chips, noodles, burgers, pizza, french fries, Chinese dishes, and other varieties of fast food available in the market.


Junk Food Essay 4 (250 words)

As we all know the truth about junk foods and it needs no introduction. However, it is a most interesting question that why everyone likes to eat junk foods even after knowing its truth. Nowadays every one of us is enjoying well the taste of junk food because it is delicious, affordable and readily available. Junk foods have no nutritional value and essential ingredients required for the health. I t is very harmful to the health if consumed on regular basis. It causes a spike in body energy level and creates sleeping disorders. It reduces level of concentration and calls to chronic diseases such as obesity, hormonal imbalances, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Junk foods become very oily and lack of dietary fibers thus they are hard to digest and require more energy to perform the process from body and make a person lack of oxygen level in the body which lead towards improper brain functioning. Junk foods are high in bad cholesterol and cause heart and liver damage. Because of lack of dietary fibers they cause strain to the stomach and other digestive organs and result in constipation.

Junk foods are always harmful to the heath and deteriorate the health condition if taken on regular basis without providing any health benefits. We should avoid eating junk foods in order to enjoy the good health and happy life all through the life.

Junk Food Essay 5 (300 words)

The word junk food speaks itself a lot and indicates its harmful nature to the health. Junk foods are trash food to the health because they are high in calorie, fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt components. Nowadays kids and teenagers are more prone to eat junk foods daily in bulk amount. They are leading their lives towards danger through their unhealthy lifestyle. They generally eat chips, french fries, cracks, snack, chawmin, burger, pizza, pasta, and other junk foods whenever they feel hungry. No junk foods are beneficial and provide no nutritional value.

It affects the health in all ways of the people of any age group, weight and health condition. Junk foods are considered as high in calories however one who eat end up easily getting exhausted and need more food frequently. Junk food does not provide appropriate level of energy thus the eater develop tendencies of craving more food frequently. What we generally acquire from the junk foods are unhealthy fats and not healthy ingredients thus we feel lack of oxygen which causes poor brain functioning. We absorb much cholesterol from such type of foods which causes plaque formation in the arteries and creates problems for the heart to pump normal amount of blood. That’s why we feel high level fatigue. High level of bad cholesterol destroys our liver and put more weight at the same time.

According to the research, kids and children eating more junk food on daily basis are overweight and obese and highly prone to the heart and liver disorders. Such kids are more prone to become diabetic and lethargic because of high sugar collection in their body in the early ages. They get high blood pressure because of high amount of sodium mineral in the junk foods. Kids and children should be trained by their parents to follow healthy eating habits from the childhood.


Junk Food Essay 6 (400 words)

Junk foods taste good that’s why it is mostly liked by everyone of any age group especially kids and school going children. They generally ask for the junk food daily because they have been trend so by their parents from the childhood. They never have been discussed by their parents about the harmful effects of junk foods over health. According to the research by scientists, it has been found that junk foods have negative effects on the health in many ways. They are generally fried food found in the market in the packets. They become high in calories, high in cholesterol, low in healthy nutrients, high in sodium mineral, high in sugar, starch, unhealthy fat, lack of protein and lack of dietary fibers.

Processed and junk foods are the means of rapid and unhealthy weight gain and negatively impact the whole body throughout the life. It makes able a person to gain excessive weight which is called as obesity. Junk foods tastes good and looks good however do not fulfil the healthy calorie requirement of the body. Some of the foods like french fries, fried foods, pizza, burgers, candy, soft drinks, baked goods, ice cream, cookies, etc are the example of high-sugar and high-fat containing foods. It is found according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that Kids and children eating junk food are more prone to the type-2 diabetes. In type-2 diabetes our body become unable to regulate blood sugar level. Risk of getting this disease is increasing as one become more obese or overweight. It increases the risk of kidney failure.

Eating junk food daily lead us to the nutritional deficiencies in the body because it is lack of essential nutrients, vitamins, iron, minerals and dietary fibers. It increases risk of cardiovascular diseases because it is rich in saturated fat, sodium and bad cholesterol. High sodium and bad cholesterol diet increases blood pressure and overloads the heart functioning. One who like junk food develop more risk to put on extra weight and become fatter and unhealthier. Junk foods contain high level carbohydrate which spike blood sugar level and make person more lethargic, sleepy and less active and alert. Reflexes and senses of the people eating this food become dull day by day thus they live more sedentary life. Junk foods are the source of constipation and other disease like diabetes, heart ailments, clogged arteries, heart attack, strokes, etc because of being poor in nutrition.


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