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Employment Laws and Regulation Essay

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The American employment laws are designed to foster human dignity and in the process provide employees with various tangible benefits. It is therefore expected for employees to be on the forefront in supporting and adhering to them. Likewise if an organization applies effectively these laws, it can benefit massively from dynamic, healthy, motivated, and productive employees. It therefore goes without saying that managers, just like employees, should promote these laws and thus ensures the organization conforms to them. Generally these laws govern the workplace actions of employers and employees. It ensures a fruitful and legally conducive environment and relationship exists between these two parties, and within employees…show more content…

The general principal behind this act is to ensure employees welfare and quality of life is safeguarded. Employees should therefore welcome and support any effort by the organization to adhere to its recommendation. Furthermore, adhering to this law ensures compensation discrimination is avoided. This is especially true considering FLSA was amended by the Equal Pay Act (EPA) in 1963. As a result, employers are restricted from paying unequal salary based on ones gender. Employees should be compensated equally provided they perform similar jobs, encompassing similar responsibilities and under same conditions (Ross, 2011).
As already pointed out, restructuring involving mergers and acquisition sometimes usually involve replacing and/or eliminating some job positions. Such restructuring are mainly intended to make an organization more effective by eliminating unproductive process or cutting down unnecessary cost; such as employee related cost. While these actions might position the organization competitively in the market place, it can potentially harm some employees. Nonetheless, the unemployment compensation law is a regulation that aims to promote human dignity by providing monetary support to those employees who have lost their job through no fault of their own. The employers can support this regulation by adhering fully to tax laws that support this program. This is because it is from these taxes

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Employment Law Assignment Essay

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Explain the aims and objective of employment regulation

2 & 3
Describe the role played by the tribunal and courts system in enforcing employment law

Explain how cases are settled before and during legate procedures

Describe when and how a contract can be changed lawfully

Explain the main requirements of redundancy law

Explain the main requirements of the law Business Transfers
Identify the major requirements of Health and Safety Law
Explain the significance of implied duties as regards the management of employees at work
Explain the principles of the law on freedom of association
References & Bibliography
13 & 14

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The aim of this early conciliation is to encourage as many cases as possible to settle ‘compromising’ the claim through a settlement agreement (previously called a ‘compromise agreement’) an agreement achieved through Acas conciliation (a ‘COT3’). Appendix 3 is an early conciliation Flow Chart (ACAS)

If differences cannot be resolved an ET1 can be submitted to the tribunal with the relevant fee. The claim is then logged (by the claimant) and a copy is sent to Acas and to the employer (respondent), along with an ET3 form. The employer has 28 days to complete and return the response form to the Tribunal. If the claim form is not returned on time a default judgment may be entered and the respondent will not be permitted to defend the claim. The time limit for a submission is within 3 months of the date of termination of employment, certain clams such as redundancy have a 6 month limit

Once the tribunal has made a decision, an award can be given. This can include compensation, payment of wages or any money that is due to the employee. Reinstatement and re-engagement are also a choice but both of these are very rare. Judgment may not always be given on the day of the hearing.

1.3 Explain how cases are settled before and during formal legal procedures

There are a number ways that problems can be resolved in workplace without taking legal

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